Swing-Out Pantry, Cabinet Solution, Saphir


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547.27.201 SWING-OUT PANTRY SET 450/950-1200MM W/SC

Vauth-Sagel,, 450mm Width, 950-1200mm Height, 3+3 Baskets

547.27.202 SWING-OUT PANTRY 450/1200-1450MM W/SC

Vauth-Sagel,, 450mm Width, 1200-1450mm Height, 4+4 Baskets

547.27.203 SWING-OUT PANTRY 450/1450-1700MM W/SC

Vauth-Sagel,, 450mm Width, 1450-1700mm Height, 4+4 Baskets

547.27.204 SWING-OUT PANTRY 450/1700-1950MM W/SC

Vauth-Sagel,, 450mm Width, 1700-1950mm Height, 5+5 Baskets

547.27.205 SWING-OUT PANTRY 450/1900-2150MM C-

Vauth-Sagel,, 450mm Width, 1900-2150mm Height, 5+5 Baskets

Product details

• Aesthetic, safe and user friendly• Cabinet width of 600 mm includes 38% larger door baskets

• Baskets on main frame pull out at the same time the door is opened

• Two integrated dampers ensures quiet, smooth closing of the pull out


Baskets can be individually positioned at the required height on both the main and door frame
Symmetrical height alignment of both the cabinet and door baskets is possible, if required
Centre mounted, height adjustable, full extension


Variable frame heights from 650 to 2350 mm

For cabinet width

Available for cabinet widths of 450, 500 and 600 mm

For cabinet depth

min. 500 mm

Load bearing capacity

Door: 12 kg
Slide: 70 kg


Hanging frame and plate, door panel mounting bar: Epoxy-coated
Top and bottom runner: Zinc plated
Storage baskets: Chrome plated


Hanging frame and plate, door panel mounting bar: Steel
Top and bottom runner: Steel
Storage baskets: Steel
Basket hanging clip: Plastic

The cabinet must be securely fastened to the wall to prevent it from tilting. Appropriate fixing material is not included.

Product Features

Supplied with

• Installation instructions

• Hardware


Swing-Out Pantry, Cabinet Solution, Saphir


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