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Fixtures and hardware. These innovative products for residential and commercial kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, office and shops help to connect, organize, open, lock and generally wow. Heavy duty work surface brackets. Closet fittings. Pantry units. Furniture feet. Hinges and drawer slides. Office solutions. And beyond. These are the solutions which improve the way we live and how we live.

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P-00925873 product photo Product on clearance. Clearance price is for stocked amount only

Round Wardrobe Tube, TAG Synergy Collection, 8'

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P-00861794 product photo

Connecting Bolt, Rafix 20

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P-00861352 product photo

Connector Housing, Rafix 20 system, plastic

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P-00870010 product photo

Adjustment Feet, for Häfele AXILO® 78 plinth system

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P-00870009 product photo

Plinth Panel Clip, also suitable for Häfele AXILO® 78 plinth system

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P-01298833 product photo
P-00861359 product photo

Connector Housing, Rafix 20 Flush System

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P-00861929 product photo

Shelf Support, Ø5 mm

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P-00925856 product photo

Wardrobe Tube, TAG Signature Collection, 8'

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P-00868510 product photo

File Frame Kit, for Wood or Metal Drawers

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P-00926263 product photo

Tilt-Out Hamper, with Removable Black Bag, TAG Synergy Collection

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P-00926266 product photo

Pull-Out Hamper, with Removable Bags, TAG Synergy Collection

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