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Here at Häfele, we know there’s a lot of hard work and dedication which goes into creating those massive piles of sawdust on your shop floor. And that’s precisely why we support the industry with items a shop needs to succeed: screws, drill bits, anchors, inserts, tape, gloves — and plenty more.

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Screw, Flat Robertson® Lo-Root® With Nibs, Steel, Zinc-Plated

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Screw, Robertson® Round Washer, Steel, Zinc-Plated

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Threaded screw, Flat head, M4 combination cross slot, head Ø 10 mm, zinc plated

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Euro screw, Häfele, Varianta, countersunk head, PZ2, steel, for screwing into wood

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Euro screw, with Special Cylinder Head, #2 Pozi Drive, Bulk Pack

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Bracket Screw, Pan Robertson® Lo-Root®

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Varianta Euro Screw, with Special Countersunk Head

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Cover Cap, Plastic, self-adhesive

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Spiral Drill Bit, HSS

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Round Washer Head Screw, #2 Pozi Drive

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Spreading Dowel, Brass, M6

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Drywall Anchor, Self-Drilling

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