Häfele AluSplash® – Innovative backsplash design in kitchens


A sleek modern alternative to glass, acrylic and tiled backsplashes.

Häfele AluSplash® is a versatile choice for those looking for an affordable yet durable kitchen backsplash system. Its perfectly smooth surface, high gloss finish and matt textured finish with a vibrant colour selection will make your kitchen stand out from the rest.



AluSplashSimply Beautiful.

AluSplash® is the innovative backsplash for the kitchen. The lightweight aluminum-based panels with easy-care surface come in either a shiny glass look or matt structured finish. The extensive modern colour range offers the right nuance for every environment. 

AluSplash® is the elegant and cost-effective solution for new construction, renovation or redesign of kitchens and is also perfectly suited for covering existing tiled walls.



Einfach sauberSimply Fast.

AluSplash® can be attached to the wall in no time at all and be easily processed: The 4 mm thin panels are easy to cut to size and can be mounted 90° around edges for seamless fitting. Cut-outs for sockets or other devices can be easily made with conventional tools. To attach the panels, use a combination of mirror tape and silicone as well as aluminum profiles. The panels can be joined almost seamlessly using a joining strip.




Einfach sauberSimply Clean.

The seamless and smooth surface of AluSplash® prevents dirt accumulation and is therefore hygienic, easy to clean and quick to maintain. For cleaning and protecting the shiny AluSplash® panels, Vuplex® Spray is suitable. It protects the panel surface from grease splashes and dirt deposits, so that cleaning with just a damp cloth is sufficient. Scratching or abrasive cleaning agents or utensils should be avoided.





AluSplash® Installation Videos - Seamless assembly

Watch how easy it is to install the AluSplash®