Häfele Group Worldwide

Quality and adherence to German standards - as well as proximity to our business partners has been key to our steady growth over the years.  We have more than 8000 employees worldwide at 38 subsidiaries.

Close proximity to our customers has been a commitment for over 90 years. Intensive service orientation is also paramount. The Häfele product ranges and services are consistently geared to the needs and desires of our customers. Specialists with deep industry knowledge ensure a high standard of customer care and individual service.

Our Philosophy

Our founder Adolf Häfele valued personal contact and visited his customers regularly at their facilities.  Over 90 years later, we are convinced that only by close proximity to customers, can we better understand their needs, analyze conditions accurately and identify potential for product improvements.

The advantage of being close to our customers aligns with our commitment to provide added value to our product and service mix.  We are always seeking to develop new product offerings to fit the needs of the marketplace.  And we know through past experience that this philosophy will keep us close to the needs of our customers.

Global Partner

Häfele is a global partner with the furniture industry, providing products that meet, and exceed the needs the furniture industry. Häfele Engineering GmbH & Co KG serves its customers in the international furniture industry with engineering services ranging from out of the box hardware innovations to the development of a desired solution from scratch. 



"To us, being closer to our customers means being one step ahead. This has been our thinking for more than 90 years."

Sibylle Thierer, Managing Director