Häfele Canada

Global Market Leader Providing Hardware Innovations

A global market leader in providing hardware solutions and innovation to the furniture, kitchen cabinet, architectural millwork and hospitality industries.

The Häfele perspective:  At a time when living space continues to increase in value and its availability diminishes around the world, hardware technology is becoming an increasingly important component for functional furniture, furnishings, rooms and buildings because it’s the hardware that gives the objects perfect functionality.  Quality, function and design of fittings have a direct influence on the value of furniture for the consumer, making the hardware industry an important generator for trends and ideas in the architectural and furniture sectors.  We assist investors, developers, architects, designers, planners and consumers with this message.

Häfele is a family run company with a long and rich history that began in 1923. Since that time the guiding principle has always been strong roots in innovative and entrepreneurial spirit. Today customers from 150 countries rely on the experience and performance provided by Häfele's 8000 employees. Our goal is simple:  Leadership in the world of hardware.

We focus on solving problems – in many instances problems you didn’t even know you had – and bringing our creativity and ingenuity to a very specialized group of businesses and customers.   

Häfele Canada Headquarters

Burlington, Ontario

  • Canadian Corporate Headquarters    

  • Sales and Distribution Centre

  • Showroom

  • Serves the furniture, kitchen cabinet, architectural millwork and hospitality industries


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Canadian Kitchen Cabinet Association
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Architectural Woodwork Manufacturers
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