Door and Panel Straightener, Häfele Planofit, set, for wooden doors

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    407.90.200 Fitt.set Planofit black 2400mm

    black, door height ≤2,400 mm

    407.90.201 Fitt.set Planofit black 2650mm

    black, door height ≤2,650 mm

    407.90.700 Fitting set Planofit wh.2400mm

    white, door height ≤2400 mm

    407.90.701 Fitting set Planofit wh.2650mm

    white, door height ≤2,650 mm

    Product details

    Adds rigidity and helps prevent warping and twisting of doors and panels.

    For door thickness

    (5/8") 16 mm


    Can be installed in new doors or retrofitted into existing doors
    Not recommended for hardwoods


    Can be used to straighten warped doors


    Threaded rod: Steel, galvanized
    Tensioner: Zinc alloy, bright
    Trim strip, cover caps and retaining plate: Plastic


    It is recommended to use two fittings per door.

    The threaded rod as well as the trim strip are shortened proportionally, depending on the door height, to change the distance between the hole centers. A 10 mm open-ended wrench is needed for adjustment.

    Product Features

    Order reference

    Order 2 sets per door

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    Door and Panel Straightener, Häfele Planofit, set, for wooden doors

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