“Lift + Turn” – Freedom in movement

Optimal use of space opens up more opportunities in the visual and technical design of furniture and has tangible benefits compared to hinged doors. Above all, it gives your furniture and room unparalleled elegance with new freedom in movement. We ensure that the flap fitting or hinge system you receive is ideally adapted to your products and processes.

Your benefits:

  • Intelligent use of space
  • Space-saving design
  • Feather-light operation
  • Simplest assembly

"Free" - Flap Assortment



With the Free family, Häfele is taking its expertise, which has grown over the years, a logical step further. The demand to create a new standard for flap fittings in the market, combined with the expectations of the typical Häfele quality, could only be met with our own development and production. With its own Häfele solution for flap fittings.


  • Highly flexible production lines in the Häfele factories in Berlin and Budapest
  • Special variant management for optimum adaptation of manufacturing and finishing processes
  • Solutions for large-scale production and for exclusive small batches
  • Highly advanced logistics with individual delivery quantities and packaging

Freedom In Motion

More than 90 years of experience with furniture fittings, led to the development of this product family. It doesn’t matter whether a lap is lifted, tilted, swivelled or folded – it immediately provides added value.