LOOX LED Lighting Solutions

AVAILABLE IN       | 12V | 24V | 350mA |


Loox is Häfele's own house assortment for LED lighting systems in furniture. The heart of the system consists of the innovative and powerful drivers. The simple and flexible design of the system is reflected in the standardised Plug & Play technology, and makes it easy to integrate LED lighting in your furniture – for both series and individual furniture manufacture. The modular Loox lighting system has many certificates and test symbols, and is therefore predestined for international use.

The Basic Structure of The Loox System       

1 Driver
Loox has a suitable driver with the right output for any system. The Loox drivers are compatible with different voltages and frequencies that are found all over the world. Quality and safety are confirmed by certificates.       

2 Lights
The Loox lighting system provides a wide range of LED lights for the different systems (12V, 24V, 350mA). Individual designs are available and encourage furniture customization. The standard plug-in connection and the clear colour coding make the system easy to assemble and install.
3 Switches
Connect the standard switches directly to the driver and reap the benefits of the fact that any switch is suitable for any driver (12V, 24V or 350mA). Additional control units are not needed.