CKCA - Canadian Kitchen Cabinet Association


CKCA was built - grass roots - by the kitchen cabinet industry to create opportunities to connect and build strong relationships that directly contribute to business success. 
Beyond this CKCA has branched out into areas of advocacy, education/certification, and marketing tools, all bringing tangible benefits to members.

Through this lens striving for high standards in design and manufacturing, CKCA paves the way for Inspiration, progress, and continuous improvement


As a proud member, Häfele Canada is offering a $250 credit for any of our customers who sign up as new members with CKCA in 2022.
Use this credit toward any of our products, just drop us a line here, to claim. 














More Details on Benefits - Link to CKCA Website

Are you a Häfele customer that's signed up for CKCA membership in 2022?
​​​​​​​Claim your $250 credit here

Highlights of Membership:

  • Networking - Use the CKCA network to connect with other manufacturers across Canada
  • Representation - Direct support through representation / national trade association
  • Footprint - Increase your visibility and credibility
  • Resources - Exclusive online resources including industry surveys
  • Certification - Optional third party certification / product quality assurance program